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Concept Learning Kits, Academic Consulting, and Integrated Labs

Why NumberNagar®?

NumberNagar®’s engagement with schools has been longstanding and multifaceted. Our school engagements are completely customer centric. We work with schools to understand their specific needs and tailor a solution that best suits their requirements and available resources. We have the following offerings to schools – both mainstream schools and alternative schools.

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Concept Learning Kits.

NumberNagar®’s concept learning kits are specially designed to provide hands-on and tactile resources to learn specific concepts in core subjects. Fuelled by our 5C™ methodology, these kits provide a healthy combination of fun and rigour.

Learn more about our Phonics Kits at NumberNagar® Phonics Kits.

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Academic Consulting.

The NumberNagar® academic consulting experience is designed to empower schools with high quality training and advisory services. The solution is suitable for mainstream schools as well as alternative schools and learning spaces. The programme is driven by our 5C™ methodology.

The academic consulting programme will broadly cover the following areas, with customised tailoring of services for each school’s requirements.

  • Curriculum integration (CBSE | ICSE |Cambridge | IB)
  • Pedagogy and Methodology
  • Creative approaches for academic learning
  • Rigorous Teacher training and assessment
  • Student training and assessment – strategies and approaches
  • Standard Operating procedures
  • Advice on Technology integration

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Integrated Lab.

NumberNagar® offers an Integrated Lab for schools, designed for children from grades 1 to 8. The lab provides an opportunity for primary and lower secondary students to experience a student-centric hands-on methodology to learn concepts of Maths and English. The lab will be set up in an available classroom in the school. The schoolteachers will be trained extensively, and lab activities will be integrated into the school timetable, so that students receive a seamless learning experience.

The lab is an award-winning learning space that is built based on an integrated and multi-disciplinary learning approach; it is fuelled by the 5C™ methodology.

The learning experience in the lab is beneficial for all stakeholders – students, teachers, school management.

  • It is a hands-on activity learning space for exploratory learning
  • It is a space for teachers to engage in creative sessions
  • It is a space that connects text-book concepts to real life experiences
  • It is a space that removes ‘phobia’ for learning among students
  • It is a space where students emerge into out-of-the box thinkers and independent learners

Team NumberNagar® will set up the learning space, train teachers, and provide continuous support throughout the duration of the programme.

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