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NumberNagar® Phonics Kit – Features and Learning Experience

Overview of Phonics

  • Phonics is a systematic method of teaching and learning to read a language by correlating sounds to letters and symbols
  • The key focus areas are pronunciation, spelling, and reading skills
  • The NumberNagar® Phonics kit can be used by children 3+ years of age with adult (teacher/parent) guidance and supervision
  • It can also be used by young adults (16+ years) and adults independently
  • The kit is an effective resource to teach phonics for beginners and phonics for kids

Benefits of Phonics

  • Learning through Phonics enhances phonemic awareness – the ability to hear, identify, and match letters and symbols to their appropriate sounds
  • Phonemic awareness develops the ability to identify and learn new words quickly. This in turn builds vocabulary.
  • A good vocabulary develops interest in reading and enhances reading ability and comprehension
  • An enjoyable reading habit makes language learning engaging and builds a strong foundation to learn other subjects
  • Learning via Phonics instils discipline of rigorous practice
  • If started at an early age, Phonics learning is a great investment not only for learning English but also for academic performance

NumberNagar® Phonics Method

  • The key focus areas of NumberNagar® Phonics Kit are pronunciation, spelling, and reading skills
  • The content is structured, and the learning approach is systematic
  • The learning resources are multi-sensory – flash cards, audio files, visual images, letter tiles, story books
  • Learning outcomes are incremental and practice-based to ensure mastery over fundamental concepts
  • Learners from a young age of 3 years to 10 years and above have been phenomenally impacted by learning in the NumberNagar® Phonics method

NumberNagar® Phonics Kit

  • The kit is organised into 6 levels for systematic learning
  • Each level is colour coded for easy understanding
  • After level 6, there is a set of bonus phonograms and spelling alternatives
  • The content covers 50+ phonograms, 100+ word families, and 2000+ words
  • The kit includes:

  • Phonics flashcards: Phonograms: Levels 1 to 6 – Learn letter sounds A to Z and associate them with correct letter and letter combinations
  • Word strips: Levels 1 to 6 – Learn words from word lists systematically based on word families
  • Reading and colouring books: Levels 1 to 6 – Learn to identify words in sentences, and explore your creativity by colouring
  • Letter tiles: A to Z – Practise word spellings after learning new words
  • Spelling rules chart: Learn rules for spelling correctly
  • Instruction guide: Introduction and step by step guide to use the Phonics kit
  • Online companion course: Instruction guide and audio files for all phonogram sounds

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