NumberNagar® is an Innovation in Experiential Learning in English and Maths for children of ages 3 to 14, with the objective of making learning contextual, engaging and enjoyable, and thus creating meaningful learning experiences for everyone.

Why NumberNagar®

Creative environment for a creative mind

We encourage children to express and embrace their curiosity. When the whole world asks children to stop talking, we urge them to ask more questions and be creative.

Better results

When fundamental concepts are built on a strong foundation, remarkable results are a foregone conclusion. Our students excel in everything they try.

Happy student and Happy parent

High standards of learning combined with an engaging and enjoyable methodology.

Personalised Learning

We start where your child is and join them on their learning journey. From schedule to learning style, our programme is customised at multiple levels.

Syllabus and a little More

What is the story of Zero? Is there Maths in Art and Art in Maths? What is the logic of English language? Explore with us.

Homeschoolers too

Struggling with subjects? Top performer in class? Not interested in studies? Going to a traditional school? Home-schooling? We have something for everyone.

5C™ Methodology


The learning cycle begins with Curiosity – where the urge to learn is kindled. NumberNagar® space provides ample triggers for curiosity.


This curiosity when followed by appropriate guidance through instruction, activities, understanding and application provides Clarity. Activities at NumberNagar® are focussed on providing this clarity.


Clarity across multiple concepts leads to Connectivity amongst concepts, topics and subjects. NumberNagar® achieves connectivity by using an interdisciplinary approach and connecting the child’s learning to applications in real life.


When these are successfully accomplished, Communication of one’s understanding effectively forms an essential part of the learning cycle. At NumberNagar®, focus is on developing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills leading to overall development in communication.


When these 4 Cs are achieved continuously and consistently over a period of time, it leads to Competence. NumberNagar® assesses competence by developing metrics and assessing students’ progress periodically (monthly/quarterly/annually).

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