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NumberNagar® - World's Best Activity Based Learning Solution in Maths, English and Science for Children in Grades 1 to 8.


“NumberNagar® has been endorsed by U.K. as a Champion Education Solution that can be exported across Commonwealth Nations"



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Intellectual Property Rights from Government of India, 2014
Export - Number Nagar


  • NumberNagar is like my home. People here are so good that I don’t even feel like leaving this place. Before, I had a lot of fear for math. Now, I have lost it just because of NumberNagar. Thank you!
    A happy student
  • Awesome way to go. Looking for a long term association with BrainSTARS. Love the creative way of math teaching.
    A happy parent
  • In NumberNagar, my child is interested in the personal interaction and knowing math in a completely different way. My daughter has enjoyed her sessions along with the support of a great faculty
    A happy parent
  • I would never like to leave this class. The games are awesome and the jokes are rocking. My favourite thing here are teachers – they are very friendly. They allow us to call them with their names. It’s very much fun here.
    A happy student
  • Teachers are friendly and math is taught in a play way around here
    A happy parent
  • I like the class very much. I want to continue this class. I also want many car games related to maths. I love this class very much.
    A happy student
  • My kids enjoy learning math while playing games.
    A happy parent
  • Approach to teaching maths is innovative and interesting. Loved the way models are made & taught
    A happy parent
  • Very nice concept! Was very impressed with the dedication, commitment & instructions
    A happy student
  • The positive changes that I have seen in my child in terms of her math learning is that she is showing interest and started asking doubts
    A happy parent
  • My son who was initially apprehensive since he was a year older than what was specified, was a lot more enthusiastic after attending a few classes initially. Then he made sure that he was present in each and every session. He was impressed with the energy of the presenters. Great job and all the best
    A happy parent

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