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NumberNagar® offers Franchise opportunities for aspiring Entrepreneurs to make a difference in Education. Do you believe that Education is an all-round learning experience for children which is not limited to schools? Do you believe that children will learn better when they enjoy the learning process? If your answer to the above two questions is yes, then don’t you think it is only right for you to contribute and make a difference? Join hands with NumberNagar® and become the Educational Entrepreneur that you always dreamed of.

“Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.” - Edward De Bono

Hi There! We are NumberNagar®

NumberNagar® – We are a team of people passionate about creativity, innovative thinking and creating learning spaces that are designed to fit our patented approach – the 5C™ approach – we want learning to encourage the cycle of Curiosity; Clarity; Connection; Communication and Competence.

NumberNagar® is a space that fosters creativity in students, teachers and parents. Our belief is that learning should be fun, engaging and relate to real life situations and contexts.

Do We Do This Alone?

No way! NumberNagar is a family – a team of educationists, designers and researchers who have been working in the education sector for over two decades. All of them have hands-on experience of K-12 curriculum systems and have actively worked in engaging students.

Our Priority: Students and Parents

We, at NumberNagar® focus all our resources, kits and trainings to empower the above stakeholders. We research, design and implement to match their needs in the 21st century.

Parent Participation

Our Story:

Our journey began with an idea – why not create a ‘nagar’ (an environment, location, space) for learning basic concepts of Maths, Science, Social Science and English, using ‘number’ as a common theme. Our motto was “Learn it right the first time.” Retention and practical application of concepts has been an area of focus for us for the past four years. To know more, click on the video links below:

The 5C™ approach: Why 5C™?

5C Approach

The activity centre is designed based on 5C™ approach which helps to
- arouse Curiosity
- provide conceptual Clarity
- Connectivity to real life
- improve Communication skill
- enhance Competence

Want To Spread The Magic? NumberNagar® as Franchisee

Once upon a time, there was a city – a city filled with numbers and concepts of Maths, Science and English. This is the story behind NumberNagar® – we designed this miniature city of learning.

NumberNagar® is an activity centre – learning programme. It is not just that. It’s a place where students from grade 1 to 8 come alive – with joy, with curiosity, with clarity. Where they learn basic concepts of Maths, Science and English with facilitated activities – learning they understand for a lifetime.

This city is filled with happy students, relaxed parents and expert, concerned facilitators. Each facilitator has a minimum of 5+ years of experience in the education sector. The research team, designers and the core team are constantly focused on helping the child “learn it right the first time.”

Trained on four aspects – Mind set, Skill set, Knowledge set and Tool set – all facilitators are adept at handling students between grades of I – VIII. Aware and actively involved with the children, they constantly support and encourage all students to think and learn by experiential methods.

Coaching and mentoring are by-words we live by. Every NumberNagar® activity centre is a treasure trove of exploration of ideas, concepts and learning how to apply theoretical learning to real life.

If you are passionate about making a difference for children, partner with us as a franchisee.

Franchise training in progress

What’s Our USP?

NumberNagar® – a 650 sq.ft. space where ‘magic’ happens. State of the art research has gone into creating a learning space where students feel curious to learn, have fun and initiate projects. They become ‘learners for life’. Read more to select your reason to join our learning revolution.

- Experiential learning – learn by doing
- Breakthrough in academic performance
- Focus on skill and concept building – no rote learning
- Multiple subjects under one roof – Maths, English, and Science
- Facilitator – driven – Self-paced learning by the student
- 5C™ model of teaching, learning and assessment
- Individual student attention by facilitators – 1:5 student teacher ratio
- Bye Bye ‘Maths Phobia’ – Fun activities
- Internationally acclaimed, award-winning set-up
- 80% and above retention rates
- Caters to open school/home schooled children
- Periodic assessments
- Project based learning
- Near to your home – safe and hygienic environment
- Holistic learning using auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning aids
- Excellent customer support
- Active, aware, happy students

Why Join Our Growing Family?

We will take care of all the marketing needs – local and national. It is our responsibility to ensure that your association as a franchisee is profitable and low on maintanence.

Real Estate & Set-Up: The Company will help in identifying ideal real estate and setup the centre.

Training: There will be a minimum of 2-3 facilitators (Maths, Science, English) – the facilitators will be recruited and trained by the Company following its guidelines. Every lab space will be supplied with facilitator manuals, props and student workbooks.

Activity Sessions: Consistency in tracking student achievement and continual progression is our goal. All labs will follow planned activity sessions for subjects and grades – it is ensured that all franchisees follow the plans rigorously and daily reports of the sessions are recorded; student performance evaluated and monitored by a centralised process.

Top Performer Recognition: Every quarter, NumberNagar® will recognize the top performing students and facilitators. These periodic tests and evaluation parameters are set by the company.

Marketing and PR: All forms of city level marketing and PR on radio, newspapers, magazines and hoardings will be the undertaking of the Company. The company will provide PR and marketing material in regular interims.

Audits: All centers will be audited regularly to measure the quality of the sessions and ensure the success and satisfaction of customers and the franchisee owner.

Investment: The cost of installations and any investment for the space will be borne by the franchisee. The company can help in arranging loans from leading banks and financial institutions depending on the credit worthiness of the franchisee.

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