What is NumberNagar®?
NumberNagar® is an Innovation in Experiential learning (English, Maths), for children of ages 3 to 14, with the objective of making learning contextual, engaging and enjoyable.

NumberNagar® offers the following, based on proprietary 5C methodology, across curricula:
- Concept Learning Kits
- Learning Centres
- Integrated Labs for Schools
- 5C Assessments for Children

NumberNagar® is a dynamic solution that can be integrated into an existing school environment, and also can flourish as an independent learning centre.
What is 5C?
The 5C methodology is based on the belief that a learning cycle is complete when a learner is immersed in the 5Cs of learning – Curiosity, Clarity, Connectivity, Communication and Competence. The learning cycle begins with Curiosity – where the urge to learn is kindled. NumberNagar® space provides ample triggers for curiosity. This curiosity when followed by appropriate guidance through instruction, activities, understanding and application provides Clarity. Activities at NumberNagar® are focussed on providing this clarity. Clarity across multiple concepts leads to Connectivity amongst concepts, topics and subjects. NumberNagar® achieves connectivity by using an interdisciplinary approach and connecting the child’s learning to applications in real life. When these are successfully accomplished, Communication of one’s understanding effectively forms an essential part of the learning cycle. At NumberNagar®, focus is on developing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills leading to overall development in communication. When these 4 Cs are achieved continuously and consistently over a period of time, it leads to Competence. NumberNagar® assesses competence by developing metrics and assessing students’ progress periodically (monthly/quarterly/annually). Although not necessarily sequential, these 5Cs lay the foundation for learning.
What are the different modes in which NumberNagar® functions?
NumberNagar® is an integrated experiential learning solution that can be dynamically assimilated into different learning environments. It comprises of a creative learning space, conceptual clarity kits and 5C Assessments.

All of these can be integrated into an existing school system as a wholesome solution or as individual components, customised based on each school’s requirement.

The integrated learning solution can also function as an independent retail centre via a Franchise business model.
What is the NumberNagar® curriculum?
The curriculum is a seamless integration of a creative learning space, conceptual clarity kits, an interactive activity workbook, the proprietary 5C facilitation methodology and a personalised session plan.
What is duration of the NumberNagar® learning programme?
The learning programme runs throughout the school year. Customised sessions are also conducted during summer vacations.

A child typically spends two hours a week per subject with an expert facilitator and each child gets a personalised session plan.
Why should my child come to NumberNagar®?
Your child gets a three-fold benefit from coming into NumberNagar®

One – Individual attention from the facilitator and personalised session plans

Two – A learning environment that is non-restrictive, appeals to his/her curiosity and encourages exploration

Three – A learning methodology that makes the learning process enjoyable and elevates interest levels
What is the fee structure at NumberNagar®?
NumberNagar® fee structure varies based on geographical location. Please get in touch with your nearest centre for more details.
Is NumberNagar® a tuition centre?
Typically, tuition centres, coaching centres, evening classes all follow the pattern of instruction that happens in school – one teacher and a batch of students. Teacher teaches and students are expected to follow and complete assigned work. If a student has difficulty in understanding concepts at school, it is likely that the difficulty gets carried over to the tuition/coaching centre as well. Because there is not a significant difference between the methodology used in school and the other centres, it is unlikely that there is a positive impact on the learning experience of the child.

NumberNagar® however, uses a well-researched integrated curriculum and a proprietary 5C methodology to probe deeply into each child’s learning need and tailor a personalised programme. This personalised aspect is unique to NumberNagar® and it has a huge impact on the learning experience of the child. The teacher to student ratio is 1:7 at maximum capacity, not more than that.
Will my child get confused between what is happening in school and the NumberNagar® curriculum?
No. The primary belief of the NumberNagar® curriculum is to connect the child’s learning experience to his everyday life. NumberNagar® programme will be mapped to the child’s school curriculum and conceptual clarity enhanced by using our proprietary 5C methodology.
How is NumberNagar® different from specialized coaching centres for Maths/English/Science?
NumberNagar® is the only learning experience that integrates the core subjects of Maths, English and Science under one roof, and delivers a personalised curriculum based on the child’s cognitive ability. It also blends the creative nature of space, kits, facilitation, individual attention, hands-on activities, 5C assessment to maximise the learning impact for every child. The unique nature of the NumberNagar® lies in the fact that once a child has experienced the learning process at NumberNagar®, he/she can extend that learning into other domains of his/her life.
How does NumberNagar® create personalised session plans for each child?
When a child enters NumberNagar® for the first time, his/her cognitive ability is assessed using a 5C assessment matrix. Based on the results of this assessment, the personalised programme is drawn out for him/her, by mapping his/her school curriculum to his/her cognitive ability. Whatever gaps need to be filled become part of the personalised plan.
Can children with learning difficulties benefit from NumberNagar®?
Yes, certainly.

Every child learning in NumberNagar® will gain benefit. Because of our belief in personalised learning plans, every child gets to experience the benefits based on where they stand.

If a child has learning difficulties, he/she will overcome them. If a child is on par with school work, he/she will gain enhanced clarity due to exposure to a different methodology. If a child is advanced in school work, he/she will be challenged to do more.
My child is in Kindergarten/Pre-school. Can I enrol him/her in NumberNagar®?
Although NumberNagar® is designed for the concepts taught between grades 1 and 8, you are welcome to bring in your child. Any child can gain enhanced understanding of concepts, by learning in NumberNagar®. Once we meet your child and understand his/her learning needs, we will advise on a personalised plan.
My child is in Grade 10. Can I enrol him/her in NumberNagar®?
Although NumberNagar® is designed for the concepts taught between grades 1 and 8, you are welcome to bring in your child. Any child can gain enhanced understanding of concepts, by learning in NumberNagar®. Once we meet your child and understand his/her learning needs, we will advise on a personalised plan.
I want NumberNagar® in my/my child’s school. What do I do?
Please write to us at info@numbernagar.com or call us at +91 6361202395, we will be happy to help.
I would like to know how do you ensure that my child is safe at NumberNagar®?
Child safety is our top priority. Our centres and our methodology place the child at the focal point. We are aware and care immensely about the physical, cognitive and emotional wellness of your child. Get in touch with your nearest centre to know more about our safety policy.