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Children want learning to be fun, parents want learning to be rigorous. At NumberNagar®, you get both.

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What are the benefits of choosing NumberNagar®?

NumberNagar® offers after school programmes in Maths, English and Science for children of grades 1 to 8. At NumberNagar®, your child will achieve enhanced conceptual clarity through curiosity-inducing experiences and connectivity of concepts to real life situations. Every child gets a personalised session plan based on their grade at school, their curriculum at school, and their cognitive abilities. On account of individual attention and an engaging learning experience, children enjoy their time at NumberNagar® and learning becomes fun.

NumberNagar® offers after school programmes in Maths, English and Science for children of grades 1 to 8.

Learning in progress

NumberNagar® provides:
- Maths, English and Science coaching under a single roof
- A teacher to student ratio of 1:5
- Personalised learning programme for each child based on his/her abilities and interests
- A learning experience that is both fun and result-oriented
- Opportunity for parents to be involved in their child’s learning journey
- Direct and regular access to facilitators for parents to converse about their child
- A unique innovative and integrated learning space that is neither at home nor at school
- A tried and tested proprietary learner-centric methodology in facilitation and assessment

Learning in progress

NumberNagar® gives special attention to teacher to student ratio of 1:5.

Teacher to student ratio of 1:5

How does the enrolment process work?

- Walk in to the nearest NumberNagar® centre
- Get a live demo of the NumberNagar® learning experience
- Discuss in detail your child's learning needs
- Complete the registration process
- Choose your personalised schedule
- Sit back and watch the transformation of your child’s learning experience

After your child engages in the NumberNagar® experience, he/she will:

- Score well in exams
- Develop interest in feared/difficult subjects
- Become confident in studies
- Achieve conceptual clarity like never before
- Learn to examine concepts from various perspectives
- Enjoy the learning process
- Enhance his/her curiosity and creativity

Children having fun at centre

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