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"God used beautiful mathematics in creating the world.” - Paul Dirac

Learning is a world within a world. The logo of ‘NumberNagar®’ builds upon this premise – we have created a ‘nagar’ (town, city) for learning and engaging with ‘numbers’. We have created a haven for engaging, creative, innovative Maths, Science, Social Science and English learning and that is the ‘NumberNagar® Lab’. This lab can be set up in your school and the gateway to success will open. Here’s how:

NumberNagar® – Maths and Integrated Lab at Schools

NumberNagar® is a non-tech, experiential learning space. It is based onIntegrated learningapproach. The lab space is used for learning any discipline (Maths, Science, History, Geography, English) using inter-disciplinary (other disciplines, Sports, Arts, Philosohpy) learning approach. The space is customised and set-up as per the student, teacher and school curriculum requirements. 


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What’s in it for a school?

Every school that opts for a 'Maths/Integrated Lab' setup gets a safe zone for innovative, at times disruptive learning – a space for exploratory learning. It helps develop the value that NumberNagar® believes in – “Learn it right the first time”. Here are a few more benefits of the state of the art setup at your school:

  • A hands-on activity and learningspacewhere students learn concepts by doing experiments and facilitated activities
  • A space to teachers to explore creative lessons
  • A space that connects mathematical learning to real life concepts
  • Students become out of the box thinkers and confident learners
  • All learning activities supplemented by workbooks and assessments
  • Removes ‘Maths Phobia’ – students develop concept clarity and their real life applications
  • Designed to support concepts of Grade 1 to 8
  • A scientifically planned space for interactive and peer learning
  • Uses visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning abilities
  • Leads to better grades, high performing students and engaged teachers
  • Time-saving and value for moeny

Teachers love it because......

Teachers are crucial to a student’s learning environment – we at NumberNagar® ensure that all teachers are trained in the philosophy, methodology and the application of the lab space. We provide customised trainings for mapping out the activities to grade level concepts, as desired by the respective school curriculum. This training happens on a quarterly or monthly basis as per the preferences of the school management. We enable teachers to become facilitators in the student’s curiosity and innovative thinking process.

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Rockstar Students!

Engage- learn – measure. All students who are part of the Lab are assessed twice a year. The 5C™ approach that is exclusive to NumberNagar® is the benchmark of learning. 

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We design the assessments so that the students are tested on conceptual clarity and application. A continuous development and mentoring system is put in place by sharing the results with the teachers. The teachers facilitate a student-oriented intervention on the concepts that need more support – they adjust their classroom planning and activities with better focus on retention of difficult concepts.

How long till excellence? 

NumberNagar® believes in a 3 year, customised engagement with its partner schools – this includes a cycle of training, implementation and support – right from the lab set-up to integrating school curriculum and assessments.

We Care For You:

We believe in:

  • Handholding teachers with continuous support – training in using the lab’s resources effectively.
  • Virtual support – We are available over Email, Call and Skype for clearing doubts about any activity or session.
  • One on one help in planning and implementing effective sessions.
  • As per preference and engagement model chosen, there is quarterly/monthly training provided.
  • Annual upgrade of the lab and the activity set. Continuous innovation in learning methods.
  • Encouraging teachers – evaluating teacher performance and awarding the ‘Facilitator of the Month’.
  • We conduct audits to make sure the lab is functioning smoothly.

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